Miratech named 2010 Industry Leader

December 28, 2010

Kyiv, December 28, 2010 - Miratech, a leading Ukrainian IT outsourcing provider, gets the first place at the 2010 Industry Leader National Business Rating in the category of “Activities in the Field of Software Development”. The National Business Rating is designed to identify industry leaders based on formal data of State Statistics Committee of Ukraine.

For six years, companies are ranked on formal criteria of reported sales volume, profits, wages and productivity with the final ranking being based on the cumulative score. The rating agency examines approximately 300,000 enterprises of all forms of ownership. To get in the Top 100 list on at least two criteria is a challenge. Miratech has topped the National Business Rating for each of the four criteria, and has left behind the closest contender by more than five times!

The ranking is published in the official catalog of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine distributed among the members of the Chamber, through trade missions and legations in 132 countries world over.

The results of the Rating were announced at the Award Ceremony held on December 24, 2010, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine in Kiev, where Miratech was presented with National Certificate and 2010 Industry Leader medal. During the ceremony Valeriy Kutsyy, Miratech CEO, was awarded the Order of St. Vladimir III Degree for a fair business conduct and professional management of the company, the industry leader. Dr. Mykola Royenko, President of Miratech, was awarded the Order of Business Gloria for significant personal contribution to the development of the Ukrainian economy.

Valeriy Kutsyy, Miratech CEO, said: “The leadership in the rating requires a company to be the best in class by revenues, profits, wages and productivity. In fact, based on official data, the rating puts high an organization with all of size, success and value to the society and economy. The first place in the rating is brilliant news for Miratech’s customers and employees, who contribute to this outstanding success and help Miratech develop further as a socially responsible organization.”

About Miratech

Miratech delivers high-quality IT services to organizations around the world. Miratech is one of the first commercial IT organizations in Ukraine. The company was established in early 1989 as one of the first privately-owned IT enterprises in then Soviet Union with its original core team coming from the Kyiv-based Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics, where the first computer in continental Europe was built. Today Miratech provides world’s leading companies with software engineering, outsourcing and consulting services. The company’s service network spans all 25 regions of Ukraine, including software engineering and BPO operations centers. Miratech has performed hundreds of projects for customers in about 20 countries worldwide. For the most part Miratech’s clients are featured in the Fortune 1000 list. Miratech ranks second in the Top 10 list of Eastern and Central Europe ITО vendors provided by “The Black Book of Outsourcing 2008”. Miratech’s major customers are corporate clients in the US and Europe. Main services provided by Miratech:

  • Applications development and maintenance services;
  • Enterprise IT consulting and value-added services;
  • Managed offshore IT facilities.

Miratech employs 350 experts, for the most part certified through Cisco, Сitrix, CMU/SEI, Genesys, HP, IBM, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle, Rational, Sun, Veritas and VMware. The Company is an ISO 9001 certified, SEI CMM Level 3 software engineering organization. To conduct annual audit certification, Miratech commissions Ernst & Young Global, Ltd.

Miratech web site: www.miratechgroup.com